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Zimbabwean Duo Nabbed in Mozambique-Bound Stolen Car Scheme by Westrand Police

At South Africa, car theft has been a growing concern, and it’s a problem not limited to any specific area. Vehicle hijacking incidents tend to occur more frequently in busy urban spots due to their higher population densities. Unfortunately, these criminals are often armed and can turn violent, putting the occupants of the stolen vehicles at significant risk, sometimes leading to injuries or even worse.


One of the common methods these carjackers employ is to strike when the targeted vehicles come to a stop, like at traffic lights or stop signs. They might also employ tactics like faking car trouble or causing minor accidents to force the drivers to halt.

In a recent turn of events, a joint effort by Tracker SA and the South Africa Police Service’s Westrand Flying Squad has successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle a stolen vehicle from South Africa to Mozambique.

Two individuals, both hailing from Zimbabwe, were apprehended as the vehicle’s occupants. Law enforcement officers confiscated a firearm and tools for breaking into cars from these individuals.

Currently, they are cooperating with the police to provide information that can lead to the capture of other members of the criminal syndicate involved in such activities.

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