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Hello entertainment lovers, here we are going to share some exciting and good news with you about a movie that was one of the best movies of this year. Yes, we are conversing about the movie Sashiyum Sakunthalayam. This movie stirred on the internet and got a great response from the audience. People are curious to know where they can watch this movie online. We are providing you with answers to all your questions regarding the movie Sashiyam Sakunthalama, and where you can watch this movie online so scroll down the page and explore with us about this movie in this article.

Sasiyum Sakunthalayum 2023

Sasiyum Sakunthalyum 2023 On Ott Release Date

Sashiyam Sakunthalam is directed by Michael Mohammed and produced by RS Vimal, Salaam Thanikat, and Neha Satam under the production company Aami Film. This movie got a lot of love and a great response from the audience, and now people are getting curious to know where they can watch this movie online.

Sashiyam Sakunthlam is one of the best movies of this year which created buzz and ruckus on the internet after release. Sashiyam Sakunthlam was released in theatres on 18 August 2023, which was filled with thrilling action, drama and and became a sensation.

Sashiyum Sakunthalayam is an Indian Malayalam language film directed by Bichal Mohmmaed, with the starring cast featured assemble in this movie are Shaheen Siddique, Siddique, R S Vimal, Aswin Kumar, Binoy, Balaji Sarmma, Neha Salam.

The story follows the 1970 and 1975 decades time and it is about the rivalry between two tutorial colleges in a village. The story also revolves around the romance between college teachers and family rivalry, where Sakuntala joins Harisi tutorial college as a mathematics teacher and develops a crush on Sasi but Sasi initially rejects her and on the other hand, Sudhakaran is disappointed with Sakuntal’s relationship with Sasi because he used to help her family.

Sashiyam Sakunthalyam was released in theatres on 18 August 2023 after a good response and lots of love from the audience and it was also released digitally after theatrical release. Yes, you heard right this movie premiered on 28 September 2023 with the streaming partner Amazon Prime. Yes, you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime so please look forward to watching this amazing movie and share your opinion and reviews in the comment box. Follow us for more updates and the latest news and stay tuned with this website

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