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Watch Ramaphosa’s Interaction with Lady Who Forgot to Greet Zimbabwe’s President

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa displayed a remarkable demonstration of diplomacy and inclusivity. The incident occurred while he was in the company of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as the two leaders engaged in conversation.

As President Ramaphosa continued on his way, a woman approached him, eager to greet the head of state. Recognizing an opportunity to promote courteous interactions, President Ramaphosa paused and kindly encouraged her to extend her greeting to President Mnangagwa as well.

This simple act by President Ramaphosa underscored his commitment to fostering friendly relations between nations. By prompting the woman to acknowledge both leaders, he emphasized the importance of recognizing and respecting the presence of both leaders in a shared political space.


The interaction showcased President Ramaphosa’s statesmanlike approach, emphasizing the significance of acknowledging individual leaders and cultivating mutual respect. It subtly highlighted the benefits of unity and collaboration that are essential in promoting peaceful relationships among nations.

In the broader context of diplomatic engagement, such actions carry significant weight. Demonstrating respect and acknowledgment towards fellow leaders is a fundamental aspect of diplomacy. President Ramaphosa’s gesture highlighted the spirit of unity and cooperation, underscoring the importance of these principles on the global stage.

This incident also serves as an indication of the broader expectations of diplomacy – bridging gaps and building understanding between nations. By encouraging the woman to greet both leaders, President Ramaphosa demonstrated his commitment to fostering an atmosphere of respect and mutual embrace in international relations.

In conclusion, the incident involving President Ramaphosa’s prompt to the woman to greet President Mnangagwa during their walk together reflects his dedication to the principles of diplomacy and respectful engagement. It exemplified the importance of acknowledging individual leaders in fostering positive relations and collaborative efforts on the global stage. Such small yet significant acts contribute to building a foundation of mutual respect and embracing the realm of international diplomacy.

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