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The ANC’s Ongoing Struggle with Integrity and Corruption.

The formidable challenges faced by the African National Congress (ANC) on its path towards renewal have come into sharp focus. The ANC’s acknowledgment of its integrity and corruption issues back in 2017 was aimed at kickstarting a significant transformation. However, the renewal process has hit roadblocks and experienced significant delays.


Addressing this topic with care is crucial, as it underscores the genuine concerns of those who had high hopes for a rejuvenated ANC. The inability to fully implement the Renewal resolution of 2017, along with the subsequent recommitment in 2022, sheds light on the intricacies involved in political change.

Mentioning Aziz Pahad’s wish for a revitalized ANC adds a personal and emotional dimension to this ongoing discussion. It underscores the longing for a brighter future within the party.

The reference to the management of NFSAS bursaries by a private company raises questions regarding the transparency and efficiency of public initiatives. This highlights the dire need for clear guidelines and accountability in government programs.

The expectation is that this critical analysis of the ANC’s ongoing challenges with renewal will stimulate further dialogue and action to address the integrity and corruption issues within the party. The desire for change is palpable, and it remains a shared goal among those who are concerned about the ANC’s future



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