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Papam Pasivadu Series Ott Release Date And Time Telugu

In this article, we will explore the Papam Pasivadu web series which is trending and circulating on all social media platforms due to its OTT release date, time, and cast. As you can see and hear whenever the movie or series is released or will be, various questions start to stappling regarding them. Now these questions are prevailing around the movie Papam Pasivadu and fans get curious to know where they can watch this movie online. Let’s get started without any delay and scroll down the page to learn more about this movie including its cast, release, date, and time.

Papam Pasivadu

Papam Pasivadu Series Ott Release Date

We are talking about the web series Papam Pasivadu movie which getting a lot of attention from the people regarding its OTT release and fans are curious to know where they can watch it online. You will get all the information and details regarding this movie in this article.

Papam Pasivadu’s movie is an Indian Telugu language web series that has romance comedy, and drama genres. This movie is directed by Lalith. The series is about a young man who experiences an interesting turn in his life after getting involved with three attractive women. Some say that the series is an old-fashioned story that fails to leave a lasting impact. Others say that the series has a simple point, and changes in it are easy to predict.

Papam Pasivadu is produced by Akkhilesh Vardhan Rao under the banner of The Weekend Show. The star cast who are starring in this movie are Gayatri Chaganti, Sreerama Chandra, Ashok Kumar, Madee, Sridiya Maharishi, and Raashi Singh.

The story follows and revolves around a boy the life of 25-year-old Kranthi, and his quest for love. Also deals with what happens to Kranthi when not one or two but three women fall in love with him at the same time.

Let us tell you that this movie has already been released on OTT. Yes, you can watch this movie on the AHA video. This movie premiered on 29 September 2023 with the streaming partner Aha Video. Please look forward to watching this movie. Please share your opinion regarding this movie in the comment section below. Follow us for more updates and the latest news from all corners of the world on this website social

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