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No Law Break, but We Can Do Better

Recently, President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke at the National Council of Provinces. He talked about many things, including the Lady R cargo ship that docked at Simonstown Naval Base in December last year. The Democratic Alliance (DA) had questions about the ship because the US Ambassador to South Africa, Reuben Brigetty, said there might be weapons on the Russian ship. Ramaphosa explained that even though they didn’t break any rules, there’s still room to do things better.

People got worried when the Lady R cargo ship came to Simonstown Naval Base in December 2022, especially after what the US Ambassador said. He thought there might be weapons on the Russian ship, and that’s why they started an investigation. During the meeting at the government place, President Ramaphosa said that they didn’t break any rules when they let the Lady R dock at the naval base. The ship followed the right international rules and ways to get into the port.

The President also talked about how important it is for South Africa to follow the rules about ships and let foreign ships in properly. Doing this helps keep good relationships with other countries and keeps South Africa’s ports open for business.

Even though they did everything right with the Lady R ship, President Ramaphosa knows that there were some parts where things could’ve been done better and more clearly. He talked about how they should always try to get better and make sure they’re keeping the sea safe and following the rules.

After the DA and Ambassador Brigetty talked about their worries, President Ramaphosa said they’re going to take this seriously. They’ll look into what happened and see if they can learn something from it. They want to be more open about things and make sure they can handle security worries better in the future.

The Lady R ship happening shows that South Africa should always check and make their security and rules better when foreign ships come, especially when other countries are worried. It also shows how important it is to talk clearly about things when they’re about countries and ships.

As President Ramaphosa said, the Lady R ship didn’t break any laws, but it’s a chance to check and make South Africa’s rules better for security and letting ships in. South Africa wants to be a good part of the world and do things the right way.

The Lady R ship problem reminds us that South Africa needs to always check and make its security better, especially when it’s about ships and countries working together. President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to make things better and be clear and safe with other countries.

In the end, what President Ramaphosa said about the Lady R ship reminds us how important it is to follow the rules for ships and also work to make things better for the future. South Africa wants to be a good part of the world and do things the right way.

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