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Let’s Shape the Future Together!

The EFF wants to say a big thanks to the folks of Ward 13 in Msukaligwa, Mpumalanga. You guys rocked the vote and chose an EFF Councillor.

The journey to victory in 2024 has officially kicked off!

To our awesome community in Ward 13, Msukaligwa, Mpumalanga, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are sending you a big thank you. Your strong support and belief in our vision helped us elect an EFF Councillor.

Now, looking ahead to the 2024 elections, this is just the start of our path toward a brighter and more equal future. We want all of you who are eligible to play a part in shaping our nation’s destiny by registering to vote for the EFF. You can do that by dialing *134*20024#.

Your vote is like your voice, and when we join forces, we can make South Africa a place that truly champions economic freedom and social justice. So, thank you, Ward 13, Msukaligwa, for standing by the EFF on this journey to victory. #RegisterToVoteEFF #EFF2024

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