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Former ANC Leader Joins EFF: Magasela Mzobe’s Political Shift

Magasela Mzobe, a prominent figure in the African National Congress (ANC), made waves yesterday with his announcement of resigning from all ranks within the ANC.

Mzobe, hailing from Newcastle, previously served as the national coordinator of the ANC Youth League task team, managing the league’s affairs following the expulsion of Julius Sello Malema.

The news of his resignation from the ANC was unveiled on his social media profiles, sparking curiosity about his future political path.

The latest update confirms that Magasela Mzobe has officially left the ANC and joined the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). In a Facebook post, Mzobe expressed his disassociation from the ANC, citing his inability to align with the party’s decisions and policy choices. This political shift marks a significant development in South African politics, with Mzobe now throwing his weight behind the EFF.

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