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Failing the Masses and Self-Enrichment

I think the ANC and other political parties that fought for South Africa’s liberation initially had good intentions. From a distance, it seems like having the right policies and ideas for a fair wealth distribution would work without a hitch. However, history has proven that governing a country, whether autocratic or democratic, is far from easy. Post-independence from colonialism, no African country has had it easy. Their citizens are often scattered worldwide, searching for a better life that often remains elusive.

South Africa, along with the ANC, has learned this lesson the hard way. Our once well-developed and prosperous nation, even during the oppressive apartheid era, has suffered under democratic rule. Additionally, we’ve had to accommodate millions of migrants escaping from collapsed independent African nations.

We must face the fact that our country is in disarray. The ANC’s efforts to provide a better life for all have fallen short. Their success lies more in self-enrichment than in benefiting the masses. It’s high time we concentrate on saving our country from utter destruction.

Time is of the essence. We must put our egos aside and come together to revive our nation as a united people, working towards a brighter, more prosperous future for everyone, including future generations.

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