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EFF Takes the Lead in Mpumalanga, Patriotic Alliance Upsets ANC in Kimberley

The ANC lost two seats in the recent by-elections. One to the EFF in Breyten, Mpumalanga, and another to the Patriotic Alliance in Kimberley. However, they retained two crucial seats in other Northern Cape by-elections, and the DA held strong in Klerksdorp.



In Ward 1, situated in Kimberley, the ANC managed to maintain its position in a tight race, but the Patriotic Alliance made substantial gains, securing the third position. This victory helped the ANC keep its majority in the municipality.

The by-election took an interesting turn when Ferguson Moses, the ANC ward councillor, defected to the Patriotic Alliance, and the DA candidate withdrew from the race, further boosting the PA’s chances. Independent candidates and Mmusi Maimane’s Build One South Africa (BOSA) party also made their debut in this election.

The Patriotic Alliance claimed victory, overcoming the ANC by 568 votes, marking its first by-election win in the Northern Cape. Their success was attributed to the DA’s candidate withdrawing from the race and their improved performance in Platfontein, an area where they had struggled earlier.

In the less populated Roodepan voting district, the PA’s support grew significantly, while the DA’s support fell. Despite the DA not fielding a candidate, they still won a portion of the vote.

BOSA finished fifth in its debut by-election, falling behind the EFF in fourth place.

This outcome meant that the ANC lost its outright majority in the Sol Plaatje municipality, and the PA became the fourth-largest party with the most council seats.

In Ward 3, Kakamas, ANC managed to secure a win, but the Hope for the Future party made significant strides and officially became the opposition. The DA lost some ground but remained in third place.

The by-election in Ward 3 occurred due to the unfortunate death of the ward councillor. The ANC, HFTF, and the DA were joined by the PA, the EFF, and the Municipal Residents Movement. The FF+ chose not to participate.

The ANC retained the ward, with results closely mirroring those of 2021. Turnout was notably lower in the areas where the DA and FF+ had performed well in the previous election.

In Ward 6, Schmidtsdrift Mokala, the ANC held its ground, securing a win despite some challenges. The EFF saw an increase in its support, mainly in the Schmidtsdrift district.

The ANC had lost its outright majority in this municipality following the 2021 elections. Two independent candidates, with support from the DA, FF+, and EFF, had managed to oust the ANC from power.

In the by-election, the EFF abandoned its support for the independents, instead backing the ANC with a motion of no confidence, creating uncertainty in the mayoral position.

The ANC retained the ward, winning five of the eight voting districts, but Schmidtsdrift proved to be a challenge. The EFF made significant gains in Schmidtsdrift, a sign that may benefit them in future elections.

In the end, the ANC held its position and had the support of the EFF to secure a mayoral position.

In Klerksdorp, North West, the DA successfully defended its positions in two wards. Ward 16 saw the DA securing a win with a substantial lead over the FF+ and ANC. In Ward 17, the DA maintained its position with strong support.

Finally, in Ward 13, Breyten, Mpumalanga, the EFF pulled off an impressive victory against the ANC, doubling its percentage in the ward and winning both voting districts. The ANC lost ground in this safe seat, making it a significant win for the EFF.

These by-election results have the potential to impact the political landscape as parties gear up for the next round of elections in various municipalities.

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