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Burkina Faso’s Junta Leader Ousts Police Chief

Burkina Faso, the leader in charge during the interim period has made changes in the leadership of the country’s paramilitary police, just over a week after the junta in power announced that it had thwarted a coup attempt.

Ibrahim Traoré, on Wednesday, appointed Lieutenant Colonel Kouagri Natama to take over from Lieutenant Colonel Evrard Somda, who had been leading the national gendarmerie since the previous year.

Additionally, Mr. Traoré made alterations to the officers responsible for overseeing the logistics and equipment management within the Burkinabe army and the gendarmerie.

Last week, the junta in Burkina Faso detained four police officers on suspicion of involvement in a plot against state security.

According to the French-language news outlet Jeune Afrique, two of the arrested police officers served under the national gendarmerie and were close associates of Mr. Somda.

Lieutenant Colonel Natama, who now assumes the role of police chief, previously served as the head of the police in the northern Kaya region, where Mr. Traoré’s unit was stationed.

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