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ANC’s Mbalula Warns Provincial Leaders.


Fikile Mbalula, the Secretary-General of the African National Congress (ANC), has sent a strong message to ANC provincial leaders. He’s telling them not to change mayors without his permission. This important message came through a letter obtained by News24. In the letter, he talks about the need to follow the ANC’s rules when picking mayors and others for important roles in local government.

Mbalula is worried because there are reports of some ANC groups in different areas changing mayors too quickly. They’re not following the right steps when they do this. Mbalula thinks this can lead to confusion in local government and goes against what the ANC stands for.

Back in 2021, the ANC’s national executive committee made some rules. These rules explain how mayors should be picked. Mbalula wants to remind provincial leaders that these rules must be followed carefully. This is really important to keep the ANC strong and united.

Choosing and changing mayors isn’t just an ANC thing. It’s also a big deal for how well local governments work all over South Africa. The ANC’s rules aim to make sure that mayors are picked because they’re the best for the job, not for any other reason.

Mbalula’s warning is a strong message to provincial leaders. He’s saying that they can’t break the rules. This shows that the ANC wants to be clear and organized when it picks local leaders. When things are done properly, it can help local governments work better and provide better services.

The ANC is facing some challenges inside the party, but sticking to the rules for picking mayors is really important to keep things going smoothly and to make sure leaders at all levels can trust each other.

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