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Zimbabweans “Enter SA Illegally” as Zimbabwean Journalist Blames the ANC.

In a surprising video shared today, Tuesday, September 5, 2023, Zimbabwean writer Hopewell Chin’ono has revealed insight into the disturbing issue of unlawful boundary intersections in South Africa. The recording catches a flood of Zimbabweans crossing into South Africa without identification, uncovering an upsetting part of the continuous political and financial difficulties in Zimbabwe.

Chin’ono’s tweet, which went with the video, featured the new remarks made by South Africa’s decision party, the ANC, in regard to Zimbabwe’s resistance chief, Nelson Chamisa. He blamed the ANC for offending Chamisa and commending the supposed gear of races in Zimbabwe, which he guarantees has energized unlawful movement into South Africa.

As the video shows, Zimbabweans are “making a statement” by making the risky excursion across the boundary without legitimate documentation. Large numbers of these people are escaping financial difficulty and political unsteadiness in their nation of origin, looking for better open doors and security in South Africa.


The columnist additionally raised worries about the results of this deluge of Zimbabweans into South Africa. He contended that it overwhelms South Africa’s medical care and schooling systems and can create social pressures inside neighborhood networks.

Chin’ono got straight to the point in his analysis of the ANC’s position on Zimbabwe, blaming the party for embracing the unrest brought about by the supposed political race fixing. He highlighted ANC Secretary General Mbalula Fikile’s web-based entertainment exercises, recommending that Fikile was falling in line with Zimbabwe’s decision party, ZANUPF, to the weakness of standard South Africans.

The columnist communicated disappointment, underlining that people with significant influence don’t encounter similar difficulties as common residents. He attested that the ANC’s help for the supposed political race fixing in Zimbabwe fuels the issue of unlawful migration in South Africa.

The video shared by Chin’ono fills in as an obvious sign of the perplexing and interconnected issues encompassing movement, legislative issues, and monetary differences in the locale. It causes us to notice the predicament of Zimbabweans looking for asylum in South Africa and the critical requirement for strategic answers to address these difficulties.

As the video keeps on flowing via web-based entertainment, it sparkles conversations about the obligations of political forerunners in tending to movement issues, shielding boundaries, and cultivating participation between adjoining countries. The situation of those making the hazardous excursion into South Africa highlights the human expense of political flimsiness and monetary difficulty, requiring a merciful and exhaustive reaction to these squeezing concerns.

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