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Why Zakhele Lepasa Keeps Scoring Goals

Orlando Pirates is doing really well right now, and a big reason for that is Zakhele Lepasa. He’s been playing amazingly, and Coach Jose Riveiro explained why Lepasa is doing so great on the field.

Coach Riveiro said that two important things have made Lepasa do so well: being able to change how he plays depending on the situation and feeling really confident. Lepasa has been able to adjust how he plays based on what the team needs, and this has helped him score a lot of goals. Coach Riveiro also said that Lepasa’s strong belief in himself and his positive attitude have made a big difference in how he plays.

Coach Riveiro also talked about how the whole team is working together to create chances to score goals. He said that everyone on the team is helping Lepasa score by working together. Lepasa is scoring a lot of goals right now because the team is working really well together and giving him good opportunities to score.

The team is working so well together that many different players have been scoring goals this season. Even though Zakhele Lepasa is standing out because he’s playing so well, many different players on the team are also scoring goals. This shows that the team has a lot of talented players who can all help score goals.

Orlando Pirates is doing great, and it’s because of a few things: Lepasa being smart in how he plays, feeling really confident, and the whole team working together. Lepasa’s success is a big inspiration for fans and the other players. It shows that when everyone works together and believes in themselves, they can achieve a lot in football.

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