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People Reacts to Cyril Conclusion of the Panel investigation into docking of the Lady R vessel in SA



President Cyril Ramaphosa is addressing the nation on the outcomes of the 15th BRICS Summit 2023 and on the conclusion of the panel investigation into the docking of the Lady R vessel in South Africa. Ramaphosa gives the outcomes of the #BRICSSummit2023 that was held at the Sandton Convention Centre. Ramaphosa: Many people have said that this was the most successful BRICS summit, and I agree with them. Ramaphosa: Our country’s relations with other countries and the conduct of our foreign policy affects our lives as South Africans in many ways, such as in trade, investment, sport, peace and security, technology, education and many other areas.

Someone said on Twitter that, Ramaphosa: Other countries that have applied or indicated a desire to be members of BRICS will be considered in the next phase. An expanded BRICS means that we will be able to export more of our products to major markets, and, as a result, we will be able to produce more and create more jobs. From the advent of our democracy, we have always sought to develop ties of friendship, cooperation, and respect with all nations. We have never aligned ourselves with any one global power or bloc of countries. The allegations leveled against our country had the most damaging effects on our country, economy and standing in the world. I appointed a three member independent panel to inquire into the circumstances of the docking of this Russian ship known as Lady R. A number of entities and individuals that had publicly claimed to have information on this matter were invited to make submissions to the panel. Many of those invited either failed to do so or said they had no knowledge of the relevant facts.


Someone said on Twitter that, The panel established that the ship docked at Simon’s town to deliver equipment that had been ordered for the South African National Defense Force in 2018 by our country’s arms procurement company. Ramaphosa: Given the facts that the evidence given to the panel was classified, and the facts that revealing the details of the equipment offloaded could jeopardize the work and safety of South Africa’s Forces in various deployments on the continent, I have decided not to release.

Ramaphosa: To reveal the details of the equipment that was ordered and offloaded would compromise the important military operations and put our soldiers lives at risk.



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