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Mayor Swipati Marries Deadly Nigerian Arms Donor: Game Over

The leader of the Setsoto neighborhood region, LM City Hall Mayor Swipati, finds herself embroiled in controversy due to her recent marriage to a Nigerian national with alleged ties to illegal arms dealing. This situation has raised significant questions about immigration policies and law enforcement.


ActionSA, a political group in South Africa, has eagerly awaited a response from Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Home Affairs, for over two months regarding this troubling situation. At the heart of the matter lies the Immigration Act, which outlines strict guidelines for the entry and residency of foreign nationals in South Africa.

According to this regulation, individuals with connections to criminal activities, particularly those involved in arms dealing, are subject to immediate deportation. The relationship between Mayor Lebusa Mbiwe and the Nigerian national has understandably sparked concerns about the thoroughness of the immigration process. While the identity of the Nigerian spouse remains undisclosed, rumors of his alleged involvement in illegal arms trading have ignited public demands for transparency and accountability.

Many are questioning whether due diligence was carried out during the immigration process and whether any shortcuts or irregularities may have occurred. The delay in receiving a response from Minister Motsoaledi has only added to the growing discontent surrounding this issue. ActionSA and concerned citizens alike are eager to determine if the mayor’s marriage will undergo a thorough investigation and if any legal actions will be taken if irregularities are discovered.

In the midst of this controversy, Setsoto LM City Mayor Swipati Lebusa-Mbiwe faces both public scrutiny and potential legal consequences. Please stay tuned for more news updates as this situation continues to unfold.

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