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Judge Mokgoatlheng Reveals Witness Threats in Meyiwa Trial


The judge in Senzo Meyiwa’s trial has revealed that the witness, Constable Sizwe Zungu had been threatened by one of the accused standing trial. This was revealed by the state.

The murder of Senzo Meyiwa, the former South African national football team captain, has remained a high-profile case, capturing the nation’s attention since its occurrence. The case has seen several twists and turns, but the recent revelation of witness intimidation has added a new layer of complexity.

The constable, who testified that he knew all the accused standing trial, made startling revelations that on the day that the footballer was killed, he saw the accused. However, during the recent court appearance, the constable alleged that one of the accused had made gunshot gestures towards him in a threatening manner.

Presiding over the case, judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng took the matter seriously and emphasised the significance of protecting witnesses in such high-stakes trials. The judge expressed grave concern over the alleged threats, stating that the issue of witness intimidation should not be taken lightly.

The accused individual who allegedly made the threatening gestures denied the allegations. Legal experts suggest that such allegations could have serious implications for the trial, potentially affecting the credibility of the accused and the overall course of justice.

The prosecution, representing the state, has pledged to take seriously the issue of intimidation and take appropriate action to ensure the safety and protection of the witness. South African law holds witness protection as a top priority in high-profile cases, and any breaches of this protection can result in severe legal consequences.

As the trial of the individuals accused of Senzo Meyiwa’s murder continues, the revelation of witness intimidation adds a new layer of complexity to an already emotionally charged and closely watched case. The nation awaits further developments, hoping that justice will be served, and witnesses will be protected throughout this challenging legal process.

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