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Joburg Policewoman Paralyzed After Brutal Attack

A brave police officer from Johannesburg was shot and hurt while doing her duty. Her name is Ntsako Mathebula, and she was on a regular patrol when she suddenly came face-to-face with some robbers.

These robbers had just robbed a private garage, and they started shooting at Mathebula and her team. It was a surprise attack, and sadly, she got hit by a single bullet in the back.

Luckily, she survived the shooting, but it changed her life forever. That bullet caused a lot of damage to her body, and now she uses a wheelchair to move around.

Dr. Aneesa Khan from Netcare Recovery Hospital, where Ntsako was treated, explained how bad her injuries were. She said the bullet went through her spine and her small intestine. It was really serious, and the damage to her spine is permanent. This means she can’t use her legs to walk anymore.

Her boss, who was at home during the attack, along with his family, left and went to Lesotho and the UK. The police are investigating her because they think she might know where they are.

In addition to all this, she is dealing with a difficult situation with her highly educated but unemployed husband.

The Police Minister, Bheki Cele, has talked about how worried he is about police officers getting hurt or killed during robberies. He says the police need to use force when arresting criminals.

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa also talked about the tough situations that police officers face while doing their job.

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