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Ishq Pashmina World Television Premier | Review | Actress

Today we are going to talk about the story of a film that is a very beautiful romantic story and that had made a place for itself in the hearts of people and was liked a lot, but it was criticized more than liked. Although this film has not yet appeared on television, now it is going to appear on television and you can share your views with us in the comment box.

Ishq Pashmina

We are talking about a romantic film that was released in 2022 last year, although it was lost somewhere after running for a few days, one of the reasons for this is that the film was not broadcast as much as it should have been. Or it could not happen, but some of the people who saw it said that it was good and some did not give much special response, but after watching this film, you can share your opinion in the comment box below, How did you like this movie, although an It is certain that this movie is for those people who like romantic movies but also other can be watch who have interest in this kind of movies.

We are conversing about the film Ishq Pashmina which is an Indian Romantic film written and directed by Arvind Pandey and produced by Suraj Surya Mishra and Shalu Mishra. Now let’s talk about the cast which is starring in this movie Bhavin Bhanushali, Malti Chahar, Zarina Wahaab, Bijendra Kala, Kainat Arora, Gaurika Mishra, Vjay Mishra, Yash Chaurasia, Vikram Sharma, Ashna Soni.

Ishq Pashmina

Ishq Pashmina was released in theatres on 23 September 2023 under production company Krishna Shanti Production in the Hindi Language in India which was scussefull in theatres Now this film will come on TV to entertain us and we also suggest that you see this movie and get the experience of romantic moments with thrilling this and point of view what society have and shares your thoughts and opinions in the comment box.

Isq Pashimna movie will come to win the hearts of the audience and it will air as a world television premiere on 4 September 2023 so get ready to watch this movie get your all work done and suggest your opinions about this movie in the comment box and also share with other about this movies.

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