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Home Affairs Official Caught Selling Fake Birth Certificates for R1000 by Hawks

In a startling revelation, Peter Baloyi (40), the head of internal affairs in Giyani, found himself on the wrong side of the law as he was convicted and sentenced for corruption on Monday, September 18, 2023.


This exposé sheds light on a case that unfolded in September and December 2021, when members of the Polokwane-based Serious Corruption Inquiry, operating under the Hawks, received a troubling complaint about Baloyi’s involvement in selling fraudulent birth certificates within the Malamulele Home Affairs office.

Investigation and Arrests:
The Hawks, known for their unwavering commitment to tackling corruption, promptly initiated an investigation into the complaint. Their inquiry uncovered a web of deceit, revealing that Baloyi had been purchasing these fraudulent birth certificates from Mdunwazi Ngwenyama, a former Home Affairs official. Shockingly, these illicit transactions were carried out at the steep price of R1,000 each.

On December 8, 2021, both Baloyi and Ngwenyama were apprehended on corruption charges. They were subsequently released on R1,000 bail, pending further legal proceedings.

Fast forward to September 18, 2023, when Baloyi stood before the Giyani Specialized Commercial Crime Court and made the shocking admission of guilt to the corruption charges against him. Consequently, he was found guilty and slapped with a five-year prison sentence or the alternative of a Rs 6,000 fine. In addition, Baloyi received a two-year prison term, with five years suspended, contingent on his commitment to steering clear of any related criminal activities.

Ongoing Case Against Ngwenyama:
While justice has been served in the case of Peter Baloyi, the corruption case against his accomplice, Mdunwazi Ngwenyama, remains pending. Ngwenyama is scheduled to appear in court once again on November 27, 2023, at the Giyani Specialized Commercial Crimes Court.

**Significance of the Conviction:**
The conviction of Peter Baloyi marks a significant victory in the relentless battle against corruption in South Africa. Corruption, a deeply entrenched issue, corrodes the rule of law and erodes public trust in vital government institutions. The Ministry of Home Affairs, in particular, is vulnerable to such malfeasance due to its pivotal role in issuing critical documents like birth certificates, passports, and identity cards, which can be exploited for fraudulent activities.

Praise for The Hawks
The Hawks are receiving commendation for their unyielding pursuit of justice in the Baloyi case. Their diligence in investigating and bringing Baloyi to justice sends a powerful message that corruption will not be tolerated within the ranks of South African institutions.

In the wake of this revelation, the community is strongly encouraged to stand alongside the Hawks and other law enforcement agencies in the ongoing battle against corruption. If you possess information related to corrupt activities, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities. You can maintain your anonymity by contacting Crime Stop at 08600 10111. Together, as a united front, we can work towards creating a fairer, corruption-free South Africa.

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