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Former ANC High-Ranker Makes Startling Switch to EFF: Political Landscape Shaken”

Former ANC High-Ranker Makes Startling Switch to EFF: Political Landscape Shaken.


In a remarkable political twist, Michael “Ngrayi Ngwenya,” formerly the Territorial Director of the African National Congress (ANC) in Ehlanzeni, Mpumalanga, from 2011 to 2019, has taken the surprising step of officially joining the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on amicable terms.

Michael Ngwenya’s decision to switch political allegiance has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, given his long-standing association with the ANC. Throughout his tenure as the Territorial Director of the ANC, he played a prominent role in the party’s activities within the Mpumalanga region.

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Ngwenya’s transition to the EFF signifies a fundamental shift in his political beliefs, aligning himself with a party renowned for its focus on economic reform, civil rights, and land redistribution. Under the leadership of Julius Malema, the EFF has gained prominence for its vocal advocacy of these issues on the national stage.

While Ngwenya has not publicly disclosed the specific reasons for his change in political affiliation, this move has generated significant intrigue and speculation within political circles. It underscores the fluid and dynamic nature of South Africa’s political landscape, where individuals and leaders may reassess their political alignments in response to evolving ideologies and priorities.

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The EFF, known for its assertive and outspoken stance on various policy matters, is likely to welcome Michael Ngwenya’s membership as a noteworthy addition to its ranks. His experience within the ANC and local leadership background may contribute to the EFF’s efforts to expand its influence in the Mpumalanga region.

For more information, you can check Collen Gwebu’s tweet:

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