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Busisiwe to be removed as PP, Look what NAPC has decided to do on her Case

The House of Commons (NAPC) has decided that it will consider only one 9/11 report next week on Monday, that is the section 194 report which approved Adv. The removal of Busisiwe Mkhwebane from her position as a representative, sitting in Cape Town Hall, so, will she be a representative? Does the ANC know where everything is? It’s good. We should spread the celebration and mockery of abo RETanang. Having them on the same day would be like celebrating birthdays and Christmas. Apply carefully. We will celebrate two full weeks and when they start to accept the truth we will eat our Christmas with the good news of PP and join us.



All members of the @MYANC should be there running all parties in parliament like they did in the Nkandla & Phalaphala story. They are prophecies, retired people from Sadtu and Nehawu. Other members are the only members of their party to vote. Both of these groups are criminals. The procedure for appointing new PP should be revised and Adv. Kholeka Gcaleka will be removed.

His appointment (if he is appointed) will be very divisive and the PP Corporation cannot be dragged into the conflict for another 7 years. We have had a movie for 7 years. I don’t know a candidate who wouldn’t create division, but personally, I feel that the whole process of electing PP is wrong. Maybe we need external interviewers (besides SA) and other methods of selection in addition to interviews. But that’s a legal issue.

Someone said on Twitter that, I think @advocate Gcaleka deserves this position. He holds this position temporarily, he will qualify immediately. Let’s leave politics aside. I think it is good that NA deals with issues related to PP and PP companies as a service worker or civil servant. Any position with political influence or authority becomes a mess if the issue is to warn/expose/correct them.

The new PP will be in the same boat, nothing will change. We have better lawyers than these 2, but they choose 4 and don’t file. These people are elected as presidents. It is an open secret that PPSA, NPA, SAPS, NIA, etc. should be “presidential gatekeepers”. Assume that having PP corresponds to DA. Breytenbach will spread the message of the ANC, and rightly so.

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