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Drivers Face Varied Renewal Costs and Methods Across South African Provinces


Renewing your driver’s license in South Africa might feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. The process isn’t uniform across provinces, and the costs can vary significantly. Here, we break down the how-tos and the financial aspects, particularly focusing on provinces that offer online renewal services.

How to Renew Your Driver’s License:

In Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, convenience meets technology with the National Traffic Information System (e-NATIS) website as your renewal portal.

1. Gauteng and Eastern Cape: Head to the e-NATIS website, where a few clicks stand between you and your renewed license. The steps include selecting your province, entering your personal information, choosing a nearby Driving License Test Center (DLTC), and finally, confirming your renewal by entering the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number.

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Cost of Driver’s License Renewal:

Each province has its own price tag for renewal, so let’s dive into the numbers.


1. Western Cape:Renewing your license here costs R140, with an additional R40 if your previous license has expired. Unfortunately, online booking isn’t an option in this province.

2. Gauteng: For Gauteng residents, renewing your license comes to R228, plus a temporary license fee of R70. If you opt for online booking, there’s an extra fee, bringing the total to R272.

3. Eastern Cape: In the Eastern Cape, license renewal is priced at R216, with a temporary license fee of R96. Online booking also totals R272.

4. KwaZulu-Natal: For those in KwaZulu-Natal, renewing your license costs R250, along with a temporary license fee of R90. Regrettably, online booking is not available here.

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Now, here’s a twist to the story: Gauteng and Eastern Cape residents who choose online renewal will face an additional R99 courier fee, bringing the grand total to R371. Interestingly, this makes online renewal more expensive than the traditional, in-person visit to a DLTC. It’s an important consideration when deciding on the renewal method.

For residents of provinces without online renewal services, like KwaZulu-Natal, the process remains more conventional. You’ll need to visit a DLTC in person to renew your license.

In conclusion, renewing your driver’s license in South Africa is far from uniform. The process and costs depend on your location. If you’re in Gauteng or the Eastern Cape, you can embrace the digital age with the e-NATIS website, but brace yourself for potential additional fees. Meanwhile, in other provinces, the tried-and-true DLTC visit remains the go-to method for license renewal.

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