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ANC Leader Takes Aim at Niehaus Over Mkhwebane Removal Vote

Supra Mahumapelo, an African National Congress (ANC) member who supported the dismissal of the Public Protector, has responded strongly to the criticism surrounding his vote. Both party members and the general public have raised questions and expressed disapproval regarding his decision.


Taking to social media, the ANC legislator reasserted his unwavering position and firmly stated that he does not owe anyone an explanation for his actions. “There will never be a day when I join the African Radical Economic Transformation Alliance. It’s none of your business how I handle the current political issues within my ANC, Carl,” he emphasized.


Disagreements have surfaced within the ANC on various recent issues, including the fate of the Public Protector, which was determined by a vote. Critics have challenged the MPs who voted in favor of removing the Public Protector, alleging that the decision was rushed and lacked transparency.

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The timing of the MP’s statement is noteworthy, as concerns about the ANC’s future direction have recently been raised by party members, prompting calls for increased transparency and accountability. Internal disagreements, challenges in gaining the public’s trust, and the urgent need to address mounting issues in South Africa have all contributed to the current situation.

Some ANC members have urged him to reconsider his stance, and the MP’s refusal to provide an explanation has further deepened divisions. His unwavering position reflects a growing divide within the ranks of the ANC.

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The path forward for the ANC in finding common ground and rebuilding trust among its members and the broader South African population remains uncertain as the party grapples with internal discord. One of the significant obstacles for those who had hoped the MP would vote according to their beliefs is his reluctance to clarify his decision.

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