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Teri Meri Doriyaan Latest Written Update 10 August 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 10 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Angad and Inder pack the jewellery and cash. Jabjyot gives all Jwelery and then Inder packs the bag Angad says he will also come with him but Inder stops him and says he will go alone if they see another person with him so they can hurt Simran so he leaves from there and also give thanks to all family member for helping him and then Jabjyot praise Manveer and tells she angry with Simran but for saving Simran she gives all jewellery.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Meanwhile, in the room, Manveer talking with Kidnapper and ask why did you do this she just said to him to send safely Simran in the orphanage and why are you doing then Kidnapper asks for 10 crores and says if she did not shut up so he will reveal the truth in the front of her family.

Manveer recalls her plans to making all person busy and especially Shahibha so the kidnapper execute her plan and send Simran away from the house back in reality she scolded the kidnapper and asks why he asked for money and then Kidnapper told her to shut her mouth if she says anything so he also reveal the truth.

Manveer gets shocked seeing Shahibha and she asks Manveer if you know what you did and if Simaran is in danger because of you and then Manveer says she just wants that Simran stays away from them and is in anger she could not able to see what is right and wrong but she did not know how this happend.

Mnaveer asks Shahibha not to tell the family members and Shaiubha says she will not because she cares for her family and doesn’t want to see Angad’s heartbreak then she asked for Manveer’s phone to get the location of the kidnapper and leaves from there after taking the call number of the kidnapper and then she asks to Veer to get the location of the tracker through his friend of him.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Sahibha comes into the room and looks Angad was not there he calls to Angad then he tells that Inder stops him so he is following Inder. Sahibha asks to him to take care of him and she is worried for Simran.

Then the scene shifts to Brar who are talking about the security and how Simran get kidnapped then Manveer comes and takes medicine but Hansarj feels something suspicious when Prabjyoyt tells them that Manveer gives all jewellery to save Simran then Hansraj comes and asks what happend why you are not looking fine then Manveer tells all about her plan to him and also disclosed Shahibha also learned that truth and she is worried if she says anything to family and Angad about her.

Veer and Shahibha follow the locations of the kidnapper and the scene shifts to Brar Mansion still talking about Simran then Hansraj says he thinks that someone who is in this house is involved otherwise how they can take Simran from the house and questions the security guards.

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