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Imlie Latest Written Update 14 August 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie 14 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Rana’s family gets busy taking care of pregnant Imlie. Anu steals money and documents from the locker and gives money to someone. Imlie passes by and notices her. Anu pushes the man away.


Imlie asks Annu what she is doing here and then Annu says she is making a call after that, Annu sends the photo to someone on property documents which she stole from the locker and then Imlie again sees Annu give money to a man and then Imlie comes downstairs and asks who was that person you gave money to him and then courier boy come and says to Annu your parcel mam and then asks to open this box to Imlie and then Annu says she brought a gift for Imlie joining money. Ranas ask Imlie to stop doubting Anu as she has changed after staying with them for months and asks to focus on her baby shower.

Rana decorates the house for Imlile’s baby shower ceremony. Kiya tells Aksash that Imlie will deliver a baby soon and the family is roaming around Imlie but they could not adopt a baby till now then Rudra, Arthav and Manish come and then Devika tells that they just do have one work which is to stay away from this ritual and all kicked out from there.

Arthav gets an idea when Devika tells Shivani that Dholak wali does not come yet and then Arthav, Manish and Rudra disguised as Dholak wali come and introduce themselves as Athru, Matru and Ratru and the family questions them and they answer nervously Then Divya takes them to Imlie and introduce to her but after talking and suspicion she identifies seeing their hands and slippers but hide it that she knows ad let them in functions.

Devika and Shivani perform Imlie’s baby ritual showers and all males see this secretly when Annu is just about to perform and Kiya taunts her but Annu says she is preparing a gift for Imlie and then Devika ask to sing a song Kairi says the cake will cut first and then Imllie cuts the cake and feed to others and then Ladies play a game of guessing the gender of the baby.

Later all starts to dance together and then expose Arthav, Rudra and Manish meanwhile Anu walks away from there silently and Imlie gets suspicious.


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