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Imlie Latest Written Update 10 August 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie 10 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Imlie gets disappointed in him when he fails to propose to her and tries to leave but Arthav holds her dupatta Imlie says to Kairi you are being very naughty but Arthav says this is not her and then he says he can’t forget to breathe but he can’t forget Imlie. Arthav kneels down and apologizes for his mistake which he did during their marriage and betraying her two times in marriage now he asks for getting married again to Imlie and says he can change but he wants her and fill her life with happiness and then asks Imlie what she does want.


Imlie says she just wants Arthav who used to be and does not want that Arthav who tries to prove things and says yes to him and says she just wants real Arthav and they hug each other after agreeing with love and confession to each other and all family member starts showering flower on them and clapped for them.

Devika tells Rudra that they both made her cry a lot, and they shouldn’t delay now and get married tonight. Everyone claps again while Keya and Akash frown. Annu calls her assistant and asks and shouts at him about not handling accounts properly and then she learned all her accounts are frozen then she cuts then calls and gets worried about which person can help her then she reached the police station and asks to meet Chini but Chini refuse to meet her and then she cries what she will do now.


Ranas excitedly decorate the house and prepare a feast for Imlie and Atharva’s wedding where Rudra is managing outside arrangements and all ladies do Kitchen work meanwhile Kiya and Akaash reached the orphanage to adopt a child the Examiner starts questioning them after saying that child is not thing so she can get immediately like buy things from shopping mall and at the end Kiya gets fail in the test and they get rejection for adopting a child.

Imlie and Aarthav’s wedding starts and they promise each other that they will accept each other by their true real identity and also accepts with defect of each other. They exchange garlands, finish pheras, and complete their wedding. Devika asks them to play music and dance and then the family get busy Devika keeps the key on the table and one person comes covered with a blanket but Imlie sees him.

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