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GTA 6’s Police Chase Gameplay Footage leaked, Showing A Glimpse Of Rockstar’s Excellence

In this article, we will explore GTA 6 which getting a lot of attention from people and is circulated on social media platforms and all over the internet. What is the entire matter we will provide you with all information and details about this so let’s get started to know more about GTA6 and the video which is related to the game and circulating all over social media platforms scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.


The video which is related to GTA6 gets leaked and surfacing on online and shared by the people in which the secret is revealed and confirmed that Rockstar Games tried to make better gameplay.

In the video which is getting surfaced online and circulated in which we can see a glimpse of which the secret revealed about Rockstar Games to put their effort to improve the gameplay. Through the source, we get to know that someone on an X profile titled Grand Theft Auto Vi posted the video.

The video has been spreading widely on social media platforms you can see the video is like a movie where law enforcement chasing the Protagonist for his crime this kind of video we have already seen and played in GTA6  and therefore this video getting viral and people compare to GTA6.

Let us tell you that this video is not new and got leaked in September 2022 and Rockstar Gamed did not clarify and give any statement about this video until now. However, it is also not confirmed whether this clip will be included in the final version or not.

Many other clips who is similar to this clip also got viral and posted by someone where in one video which was a 20-second clip in which we can see the hero imaginative hero Lucia running from the police and shooting at them.


According to the report, The fan posted GTA6 clips and videos on 4 August 2023 with other several clips and videos in which many of which were removed due to copyright. We will talk about the some of clips and videos here like one of them in which we can see the female character who was sitting on the truck trunk and the other is driving the car.

In another video, we can see that Lucia who is the protagonist fires the gun on the police car who was chasing him because of the criminal act he had done but when he again starts to run away police followed them immediately and this dedication of police law enforcement was not seen by in the new games because of AI.

Ai used to stop and destroy the cars and generate new cars to stop the player. However, some are concerned about the rumoured GTA 6 facial recognition feature, which was already rejected by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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