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Anupama Latest Written Update 8 August 2023.

The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 8 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Malti Devi says to Nakul to increase Samar and Dimply’s Salary and says she wants to lure them then Vanraj comes and overhears the conversation of them and then Malti Devi and Nakull get shocked to see Vanraj when he claps and says angrily Mlati Devi fell from eyes and says her talents are big but the heart is so small therefore she turned mother love into a crime.


Malti Devi asks why did he come here and then Vanraj says he just wants to make her understand that he is not Anupama and if she will try to ruin his house and set fire to his family so he will answer her by running her name and set fire on her identity and threaten that she should not dare to harm Anupama and his family.

Anupama gets a call from Malti Devi and asks her how dared Vanraj threatens her and says now she will handle both and not let her leave also Vanraj then Anupama gets restless and says now is enough and she will handle these alone this thing and then she comes into the Shahas house where Dimpy and Samar say why are you did this ans went to her office then Vanraj says he is only going to her to make her understand.

Anupama says enough is enough and she does not want to increase this war and wants to end then why others are meddling in this and she will handle this alone. She will handle Maltii by herself. Anupama says she is known as Malti Devi making a way to hurt her through her children but she will handle this also and asks to not meddle and involved between her and Malti Devi.

Kavya says to Anupama she tries to talk to Vanraj but he did not listen and is not ready to talk then Anupama says if you were at the place of Vanraj so will you talk now with Vanraj and Kavya says no. Anupama says to keep trying and when Vanraj will cool down then talks and then Kavya says she does not want to lose Vanraj and asks Anupama how she will handle Malti Devi.

Malti Devi and Dimpy talk where Dimpy tells all things that happened in the house and Malti Devi smirk while thinking she is winning then Dimpy says she herself is tired of her in-law’s drama and starts spilling venom against Anupama and says Maaya died while trying to save Anupama, but everyone hid it from police and little Annu.


Robin bumps lost in his mobile and apologizes to Pakhi. Adhik stops Pakhi from falling and gets angry with him then Pakhi calls Barkha and Ankush who stop their fight and then Ankush says don’t bully his son to Adhik and then Robin leaves from there and Pakhi says she also did not saw and then Barkha says Adhik was supporting you but you support Robin.

Malti Devi visits little Annu and tries to reveal that Maaya died because of Anupama. Anupama walks in on time and sends little Annu. She apologizes to god for misbehaving with her guru and tongue lashes Malti Devi that a student can tolerate a guru’s wrongdoings but a mother can never tolerate it.

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