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Anupama Latest Written Update 19 August 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama is 19 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Vanraj says to Samar that Dimy is angry and he should comfort her and then Hasmukh asks Samar to avoid little fights. Kavya informs Shahs about sonography and Leela orders Vanraj to with Kavya. Vanraj asks Kavya to go alone and all get shocked after that to see his behaviour then Vanraj reveals the baby’s truth that he is not Kavya’s baby father but Anirudh is.


Kinjal brings breakfast to Dimpy and she is complaining to Samar that she makes breakfast for them but sees Kinjal who tells her that Leela sends this breakfast and tells her to have time to reunite with family.

All get shocked after when they learned the truth and Leela gets restless and then shocked Anupama says to Leela to talk but Leela asks Anupama if she knew the truth and why she did not tell her and said now no talk only decision is made and Kavya will not her daughter in law ever and kick out Kavya but back into the reality that Vanraj realises that it was all his imagination and then asks where is Anupama and then Leela says she is at her home and then Hasmuk asks why he does not want to go with Kavya and tells he has work in the office.


Kavya says she can go herself and then both think about the telling truth to the family or not where Kavya thinks to reveal the truth because she can not see her family troubled meanwhile Vanraj thinks about why he could not able, to tell the truth to his family even he wants and says he can’t.

Anuj helps Anupama to get ready and fixes her Saree and spend some quality time with each other and lovely moments with each other and then show gratitude towards each other and hug each other and asks Anuj to see if Pakhi get ready on the other side Pakhi tells that if she can change so Aadik will be and then Adhik comes to Pakhi room and behave rudely with her and humiliates her and Anupama that they even did not graduation.

Adhik and Pakhi get to argue with each other and humiliate each other but Pakhi makes an explanation and understands him but he gets violent meanwhile Robin informs Anupama that he saw Pakhi tense so checks her what happend and then Anupama get shocked and stunned when she sees Adhik slaps Pakhi.

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