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Anita Carey Cause of Death, What Happened to Anita Carey?

In this article, we will explore Anita Carey who was a famous and well-known British actress who passed away recently and left everyone in a state of grief. Her loved ones are mourning her death and all people are paying tribute to her through social media platforms and showering their condolences on her and to her family.

Anita Carey

Citizens and her fans are inquisitive about her that how she died and what was her death reason so we will try to provide you with all answers to all your questions. You will get complete details and information about her in this article so scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

We are conversing about Anita Carey who was a British actress who passed recently at the age of 75. We lost one more legendary actress and the entire entertainment world was immense in sorrow from her deceased. To know more about drag down the page and continue to read.

Anita Eileen Carey was an English actress who appeared in British television programmes from the 1970s with her first notable appearances including roles in Beryl’s Lot, The History of Mr.Polly and The Spoils of War.

Anita Carey was born in Yorkshire and was the first time to film her resignation from the ITV serial in 1997. This was her first dramatic exit that followed a high-profile cast cull ordered by new director Brian Park in an effort to increase viewership.

How Did Anita Carey Die?

Anita Carey was famous for her roles in Coronation Street and Doctors has died at the age of 75 in the film when the role of Brenda Summers a woman who was abused by her husband come up on Coronation Street in 1978 and the comedian switched to soaps and Eighteen years later she went back to the cobblestones as Joyce Smeddley poor mother.

Anita Carey


Carey’s first professional role was in a theatre production at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe then she worked in several dramas and films. She was married to Mark Wing Davey in 2002 who was a member of the company when she appeared in the stage production in Sheffield and they had two children together.

Let us tell you what is the reason for her death. Actually, she was suffering and battle from breast cancer since 2010 but she could not survive anymore and deceased on 19 July 2023 at the age of 75 and left her loved one behind her. We offer our condolence to her and for her family to get out of this difficult time. Rest in peace Anita Carey you always inspired others and are remembered in many of hearts.

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