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Leaked Intimate Footage Of Chicago Rapper Lil Jay With An Inmate ► FreakyZA

LIL JAY’S INTIM GAY VIDEOS: Chicago Rapper Lil Jay Leaks Intimate Recording With An Inmate.. Lil Jay’s sexuality has been revealed. Lil Jay has been having a really hard time lately.

LIL JAY'S INTIM GAY VIDEO: Chicago Rapper Lil Jay's Leaked Intimate Recording With An Inmate

He got out of jail last year after serving about seven years of a 14-year bid for murder.

But the Chicago rapper was locked up again after a domestic violence incident where he broke his girlfriend’s jaw and pulled a gun on her mother-in-law.

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Lil Jay faces a major charge, tonight. Earlier today, a video was leaked of several men who are in prison. The video shows a man coming to sit on another man’s lap. After that, the guys became very close to each other. Their actions are questionable, to say the least. Honestly, it’s not clear who either of the men are, as the video is relatively blurry. However, people are saying this is Lil Jay and this incident happened while he was in prison.

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Lil Jay spent some time behind bars, but he returned focused on music. Even though she doesn’t look ordinary, she definitely dominates with viral numbers. Plus, Lil Jay looks like he has the potential to get into the game. However, to be fair, she has been using the “King Lil Jay” moniker for quite some time. Regardless, he’s had a lot of success recently. Unfortunately, there are some damaging rumors out there about him.



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