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Itel S23 4G (256GB) Gaming Review

The world of mobile gaming has experienced exponential growth in recent years. With advances in technology, smartphones are now able to deliver immersive gaming experiences. However, not everyone can afford a high-end device with top-of-the-line specifications. For casual gamers on a budget, the itel S23 4G (256GB) offers an attractive option. In this review, we will explore the gaming capabilities of the Itel S23 4G and evaluate its suitability for casual gamers.

The ItelS23 4G uses a plastic body which makes this phone quite light. If held it will not feel heavy at all. The variant that we got is the Mystery White color which looks quite premium. If you take it out in the sun, the back turns pink when viewed from various angles which makes this phone look more luxurious.

itel s23 4g

Perfect for casual gamers on a budget

Let’s talk about the internal hardware of the phone where the Unisoc Tiger T606 processor powering the Itel S23 4G operates at 1.61GHz. This phone is equipped with 4GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 8GB through the virtual RAM feature and 256GB of internal storage which is sufficient for storing games, applications and multimedia files.

Affordability is a key factor for the budget-conscious consumer. The Itel S23 4G offers great value for money, delivering decent gaming performance at an affordable price. Compared to high-end devices, the itel S23 4G is significantly cheaper but still provides satisfying gaming capabilities.

itel s23 4g

Here are some comments we share for every first game is CoDM: This game is playable but the constant frames will annoy you and advise you to keep the graphics low because you have multiplayer. Second is MLBB: This game is very playable and has great optimization and also runs smoothly on old devices. Third, Minecraft: Render Distance is very playable compared to other games on this device. Fourth is Genshin Impact: It’s barely playable but price-wise it’s surprising that the game can run on this device.

In conclusion, the Itel S23 4G (256GB) is a smartphone that meets the needs of casual gamers on a budget. Its sleek design, vibrant display, satisfying performance, reliable battery life and affordable price make it an attractive choice for those looking to enjoy mobile gaming without breaking the bank. Even though it may not compete with top gaming smartphones, the itel S23 4G still offers a satisfying gaming experience for casual gamers. So if you are a budget conscious individual looking for a capable gaming device then the itel S23 4G is definitely worth considering.

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