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Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Main Today Written Update 11 July 2023

The latest written update of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Main episode 11 July 2023 today. Episode starts with scene when Samrud’s grandmother says to Savi that she cannot do this debate after her marriage and says they don’t like their daughter-in-law will learn more as they want a normal simple girl who will only become a housewife after hearing Savi. this stares at Ashwini.

Written Episode Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Scene shifts to Ishaan when he gives the bag to Reeva and Reeva tells him that this place is beautiful and don’t know when he sat close to nature for so many years then Ishaan asks to celebrate this moment with Papad who is his bag and then enjoy.

Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Major Written Update 11 July 2023

Ishaan prepares his mat on the floor Reeva also checks the mat in his bag but says he forgot his mat then Ishaan says you can use his mat as he cant sleep but Reeva says also then he asks her will you sit down then they sit together on the mat sleep and gave his jacket to Reeva after noticing she was shivering and said this was her favorite place.

Bhavani asks groom’s family to have snacks and tells them all this is prepared by Savi but Samrud’s grandmother says everyone says the same after ordering from hotel then Savi interferes and says in this house no one lies and everything is made by I.

Samrud’s mother says she wanted to test Savi after when Bhavani praised her and showed off Savi’s talent, then Bhavani said sure you can test Savi after all you came here for questions.

Scene shifts to Ishaan and Reeva both sharing pain in their life Reeva tells her that she lost when she wanted to fulfill her mother and sister’s dream then Ishaan says at least you have good memories with your sister and I have left my mother for the worst of her career then Reeva said she had an idea to ease her pain.

The Samruds ask Savi to sing and dance then Bhavani asks to play soft music for Harini but Savi dances to Chikni Chameli song and all are shocked in the middle Santa Bai comes there and is stunned after seeing Savi then Bhavani asks Savi to stop. At the end of the episode, Reeva tells Ishaan to scream and shout his annoyance and ease his pain then he screams and cries. Follow us for more latest updates on this website.

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