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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Latest Written Update 22 July 2023

Latest written update on today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 July 2023. Episode starts with scene when Bhavani asks them all where is Savi and then Harini lies to Bhavani and says she went to kitchen for work when Savi was cleaning her saree because she spilled juice and then she returns Savi not there. Vinayak says he looked every where but Savii was not there and then Bhavani asked him to find her as she would not be far from here for long.

Missing someone I love

Swati asked Riva not to think too much and just concentrate on realizing her childhood dream. Flight announcement made. Swanand tells Riva that if his love is true and marrying Ishan is his destiny, they both will unite for sure. Swati asks him not to waste his future on 2 days love, she is sure Ishan must be sitting with his friends and badmouthing him, he should not carry emotional burden with him and focus on his studies.

Ishaan reaches airport but stops him with security then he finally enters airport and asks for Reeva while his parents try to cheer him up and asks him to take selfie with a smile and asks not to be sad because he will make his career and will take first step in his success then his mother starts taking selfie and it is by looking at Ishaan and remembering all his moments with Reeva then Ishan comes back and tells Nishikanth Reeva changed and broke down in his car.

Missing someone I love

Bhavani will make his granddaughter run away. Bhavani asks him to wait for some time till he brings Savi. Mandar says he will not tolerate his life anymore and asks his men to go and arrest Savi as he will not let Savi ruin his pride. Savi notices Mandar’s men looking for her and thinks of hiding at Isha’s place.

Surekha comes to know about Reeva that she went to London and swears at him that all girls are educated like that then Ishaan comes home broken hearted and then Surekaha provokes Ishaan that all girls are educated like Reeva they will leave them for his career. Savi reaches Isha’s house. Isha asks what he is doing here in a bride’s attire. Savi says she eloped from her marriage, Samrudh’s people searched everywhere and hence she came here.

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