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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Latest Written Update 21 July 2023

Latest written update of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein episode today 21 July 2023. Episode starts with Ishan anxiously trying to reach Reeva and Nishikanth asking what Reeva said. and then Ishaan tells Riva is going to London and he has to stop him then both rush out of the house.

Missing someone I love

Ashwini, Ninad and Harini advise him to run away from the wedding and leave before he is forced into a forced marriage by Bhavani to a drug addict and woman. Savi says she can because if she will do this then her family’s dignity and reputation will be ruined and then Ashwini understands her that she is the last proof of him and doesn’t want to see her life ruined then all three say to her to elope from the wedding.

Harini packs necessary things for Savi and gets down nervously then Bhavani asks where is Savi. Ninad and Ashwini also come and ask them where is Savi but all stay silent then Harini tells Savi is not in the room.

Ishan calls Riva. Riva was waiting for her flight at the airport. Swati notices Ishan’s call on Riva’s number and disconnects it. Ishan is about to crash his car into a speeding truck. Nishikanth informs him on time and asks if he wants them both to die. Ishan says he is ready to die for his love and will make sure he takes Riva to Mumbai.

Missing someone I love

Scene shifts to Savi’s flashback where she refuses to elope from the wedding and all three Ninad, Ashwini and Harini are forced to leave this marriage and run from there as they cannot see their lives being destroyed. Savi hands over the jewelery to family and says she does not need this and runs from there through window.

Back to reality, Pandit hi calls bride and groom for rituals and Bhavani asks Ashwini to call Savi. Bhavani in shock asks to check everywhere. Harini said she checked everywhere. Mandar asks Bhavani to call the bride soon. Bhavani says she will go and drop it. Savi walks out of the house hiding.

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