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Chaos In Neigrihms After Young Accident Victim Dies

Riots broke out at the emergency unit of the Indira Gandhi Northeast Regional Institute of Health and Medicine Hospital (NEIGRIHMS) in Shillong on Sunday after a young man succumbed to his injuries due to accusations of apathy by doctors. Let’s talk about what happened and why everyone was making such a fuss over there and what was the reason. If you have a specific question regarding this case, please let us know and we will help you. Scroll down the page and continue reading the article to the end.


Chaos has spread in the Neighborhoods of Shilong after a patient died due to a doctor’s accusation of illness. According to reports, the young man had an accident while he was riding his scooter then he was immediately taken to NEIGRIHMS where no doctor was available due to the weekend and he was injured and couldn’t take it anymore and lost his life.

The victim who created a commotion in the hospital environment then the NEIGRIHMS authorities notified the Police and the situation was brought under control. However, the victim has not been identified and the police investigation is ongoing.


According to the report, NEIGRIHMS officials have denied any negligence and said the institute is trying its best to revive the youth. The patient was brought in at 12.20 noon. The young man suffered a heavy impact wound to his chest. The institute said they all performed the procedure and treated him but they couldn’t save him and denied that all the doctors were there and some were out of town so they couldn’t talk and tell them.

In conclusion, A boy who had an accident while driving his scooter was urgently taken to NEIGHRIHMS to treat him but at the hospital the doctor was not there due to the weekend and the apath boy made him injured and lost his life after this mob and his family. This incident raises questions to the government and doctors as well that how can they not take a winning step that all will be treated equally at the same time and the doctor must also remind that he is a doctor to treat people and help them. Saty follows social broadcasts.

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