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Anupama Latest Written Update 28 July 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 28 July 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Kavya thinks she can’t live in guilty anymore and cannot hide the truth from Vanraj but if she reveals the truth everything will be destroyed and the love she getting and craved for years will vanish in seconds.


Her inner voice’s bad side asks her not to do anything or else she will lose V and the good side asks her to reveal the truth to Vanraj. Kavya gets complex in thinking that if she reveals the truth to Vanraj or not then Vanraj comes and hugs her and talks about the baby.
Kapadia and Shahas start the part about the theme of the Fashion show by wearing their best attire. Everyone praises Kavya’s style and says she is having a baby glowing. Toshu says Leela is shining today, but Vanraj and Kavya are shining more.
Toshu prays that Kavya’s child should not be like them. Dimpy says to Samar Toshu is indirectly taunting him but Samar tells Dimpy don’t prove him against his brother. Barkha and Adhik talk to each other about why Shah’s drama does not end ever and sometimes they just show how are they caring towards each other.
Adhik says he does not care about Shahs and is worried and anxious about Pakhi if he warns Anuj against us so he will talk with her tonight then Hasmukh says let’s do rituals.

Ankush gets a call and then he takes Anuj alongside and then Brakha recalls the moment when Ankush scolded and yells at her and asks how he will deny his son when he asks for something for the first time.

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Anupama tells to rituals and says all give to gift Kavya and then whispers in Kavya’s ears whichever they want then Vanraj goes first and tells her and asks if they start over with this baby and happy life. Anupama asks Kavya if she is fine but she says nothing and then sees Vanraj then Leela says now it is her turn.

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The scenes shift to Nakul and Malti Devi then she gets a video call from Dimpy who shows Kavya’s baby shower to her and then Malti Devi gets restless after seeing the video and leaves from there Nakul is stunned and stands but could not ask anything from her.

Anupama starts the game and celebrates Kavya’s baby shower and enjoys meanwhile Barkha gets anxious and worried and scolds someone on the phone.

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