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Anupama Latest Written Episode Update 6 July 2023

Latest written update of Anupama’s episode today 6th July 2023. Episode starts with the scene when Anupama remembers Maaya’s accident and is shocked then Anuj consoles her and Barkha says this is sudden and shocking. Ankush tells us that we don’t know how much time is left in our life.


Barkha doubts that Anuj did Maaya’s accident like he did because he was distracted by Maay’s drama and wants to get rid of her then Aankush says he also wants the same then Barkha tells him to think about it before speaking and he says he wants to do it too. explained the same to him.

In Shah’s house, Everyone talk and share their opinions and show concern for Anupama, Anuj and little Annu. Leela says maybe this time Anupama will not go to America and she will take care of little Annu and also says Anuj should have let Maya in Mental Hospital before.

Vanraj says we cant be hurdle for her and we shouldnt stop Anupama from reaching America then Kinjal says she pity little Annu then Kavya says we will take care of her.

Dimpy thinks that Shah cannot handle their children and wants to babysit again. Dimpy says they were late for the condolence meeting, then Samar says a family can get in the car and he and Dimpy come on bikes. Then Dimpy tells Samar why they have to endure sun heat and because of that her makeup and hair are messy.


Samar says he can go with Toshu family and he comes on bike then he says no need and starts fighting and spilling poison on each other of family members and says Anupama will not go this time but Samar says Mommy will go at any cost.

Anuj is lost in thought and Anupama gives him water then he tells her he is mad at Maya but never thinks bad for her. Anupama says we never think bad for anyone. Anuj says Maya came to apologize and she also died to her parents but Anupama blamed herself for Maaya’s death and apologizes. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to this website.

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