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Anupama Latest Written Episode Update 27 July 2023

The latest written update on today’s episode of Anupama 27 July 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Dimpy provokes Samar against his family and says its good that he took a stand for himself and they all think that they can pressurize us because we are younger than them, they are not fools not to understand what is better for them.


Samar asks if they did a mistake by signing a contract with Malti Devi but Dimpy says no we can alert and warn Anupma if Malti Devi wants to do something wrong so they can warn her and they are helping her.

Vanraj tells Kavya that Samar acts grown but is very innocent and would not understand Malti Devi’s tricks but Kavya says Samar is not a small boy so we can force him to do this or not. Vanraj apologizes for not concentrating on Kavya’s baby shower ceremony but she looked tense.

Barkha reacts after hearing about Anuj organizing Kavya’s baby showers ceremony at Kapdia’s house and says she says an inauspicious day going on and Maya’s rituals are not finished yet but Anuj says they are doing it because cheer up little Annu and skip that then Barkha tells to Adhik today is the real bad day it is first Kavya shower at Kapdai house and the Samar and Dimpy joins Mlati Devi and also Pakhi joins Kapadia enterprises.

Adhik says he does not care about Pakhi and Samar but he is worried about him and Barka that Pakhi will join Kapadia Enterprises and she will warn Anuj against them. Barkha tells them to not harm Pakhi because of their worries.

Toshu thanks Kinjal for supporting him against Dimpy. Kinjal also thanks Toshu to support Anupama and Kavya and tells she sees that he wants to reform himself Toshu says Anupama always sacrificed and support her children from childhood then he says Samar was a good boy of Anupama but went against her so why can’t support his mom now.


Kinjal praises Toshu being try to become a good person and support his family and hugs that if he tries so god will set everything right. Anupama imagines Samar calling him in fear and asks god why she is getting such bad thoughtsMalti Devi also sees a baby crying on her couch and disappeared and thinks why she is thinking like that.

The next morning, At Shah’s house all are in a rush and tell each other we have to go to Kapdia’s house and get ready quickly then Leela asks Kinjal if she wants to get ready then Dimpy asks if she will make her ready to her but she refuses but Kinjal apologizes to all to not able in Kavya Showers and then leaves to office.

Anuj recites a poem for Anupama and wishes her good morning and they talk to each other while preparing and making arrangements for Kavya’s baby shower.

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