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“Judge Maumela faced serious Disciplinary charges for delaying judgments” Manyi Revealed

Judge Maumela will have to deal with serious disciplinary penalties for delaying the decision.

However, it has been half a year since ConCourt heard the DA’s lawsuit against the WCHC ruling in which Ramaphosa was convicted of unlawfully suspending Public Defender Adv Mkhwebane. Who should train ConCourt?

Someone said on Twitter that, Mkhuluwa does President Zuma not have issues pending in the exact same court (yokususa uZondo Kwi commission issues)? Granted, we’ll have to find out what JSC will do, as Spark Plug has discontinued complaints against each of the 9 ConCourts that decided on a similar suspension. That is what Maumela focuses on. After all, he, HP, says CR owns the courts. I consider what befell the judges, that’s fine, just let them continue to reveal themselves. They can’t focus they are working outside the laws of this country, for example Zuma’s arrest without preliminaries.

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Someone said via online entertainment that, they are also sitting with the Helen Suzman agency decision where they have to decide if butternut should go back to jail. JSC is qualified to advise public governments on any matter relating to Legal executives or equity organizations, including managing complaints filed against judges. After all, he uyayiqonda be yalapha emzamtsi. There is a body called JSC. You know very well that you can stop bitching with him. They should also focus on allowing Jacob Zuma to delay his preliminaries for a long time, don’t you think?

As far as I know, they are actually guarded by white businessmen. We really have to really work hard one year from now, the request commission for our legal executive has to be ibekhona after sikhuphe Ramaphosa. All judges must be explored, this prejudice is used as a substitute. after 30 years, we literally blame white private companies for our disillusionment with ourselves. Black people make up the bulk of the parliament and neglect to pass laws to improve the lives of the vast majority of Africans. For what reasons do we not hold our administrators responsible?

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