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Imlie Written Update 19 June 2023: Today’s Episode Update

Imlie’s latest written update today’s episode 19 June 2023. Episode starts with Kairi calling Imlie and she surprises Kairi for real. Chini comes there and tells Kairli to go with her then Imlie asks Chini why she looks insecure then Chini replies because of her. Chini says I am Kairi’s mother so she needs me and you can’t leave her alone and asks why can’t she leave them alone and leave this house.

Imlie written updates

Imlie June 19, 2023

Imlie tells Chini that she came between Arthav and her and got married. She snatches Arthav from her then Chini says it’s the moral of a true love story that is destined to be reunited and tells Imlie to find happiness elsewhere. Imlie asks Chini about Arthav and how long he has been gone and not back home then Chini tells him maybe 2 hours but Imlie tells her 5 hours. Imlie makes fun of Chini about her love.

Chini thinks she will not let Aarthav take Imlie back. Raana is worried about Arthav and Devika is worried that Arthav will leave his family again. Reyansh comes to the Rana house and tells them that Arthav left the studio and has not returned. Imlie asks Dhiaryaa to call Arthav to find out where he is and he agrees.

Mr. Mehata has a flashback where he recalls how Reyaansh knocked him unconscious and blackmailed him into telling him about his illegal business and telling him not to give a chance to Arthav. Reyansh leaves the Rana house and tells Mr. Mehata that they will keep Arthav as a hostage until the concert.

Imlie asks Reyansh when Arthav left the studio and he can’t give Imlie exact time and he gets suspicious then he asks to see what’s in dickey’s car. Reyaansh shows the instrument on the dickey. Devika accuses and blames Imie again and says to do nothing like before she also ruined everything when Imlie tries to console Devika and Rudra asks to call police.

Kairi asks Imlie when Arthav will come so Imlie replies soon she is back home and they are together and will find Arthav. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to this website.

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