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Ghum Hai kisi K pyaar Main Latest Written Update 16 June 2023

Latest written update of Ghum Hai grill Ke Pyaar Main episode today 16 June 2023. Episode starts with Savi telling them that Bhim and his team made a plan to harm Virat first and then free Ramakanth. Virat assures Savi that nothing will happen to him and asks in more detail about what he heard and saw. Virat tells his team to catch a brick colored truck which has seven people and asks Savi to go with Sai.

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Savi also tells about the plan B made by the villain in poetry style and Sai asks what is going on. Virat says he will talk and explain to him later and sends him home from here. Sai reaches home and Satya shows concern for Savi then Sai tells Satya everything.

Savi asks why they both don’t live together crying, then Satya thinks he also won’t let him suffer for his father as he suffered in childhood and thinks to reunite Virat and Sai once again. Virat takes Ramakanth out of his cell and asks where he is taking him and Virat says your permanent in-laws (Sasural) house.

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Virat says to sit in the jeep with Mohite but he says he will sit in the van with Ramkanth as he is dangerous and tries to escape. Virat agrees then Mohite signals Bhim and sends a message to Bhim but then doesn’t know about the network. Bheem and his men shower the van with bullets and thinking all the cops are dead, open the van door to get Ramakanth out.

The police shot most of the thugs. Bheema realizes Virat is fooling them and runs away with some of his aides. Mohite realizes that the Jeep is moving on a different route. Once the goal is reached, Virat signs a song and taunts Ramakanth that he has reached his final destination and cannot escape from there. He arrests Mohite for being Ramakanth’s informant.

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Satya’s family is watching the news where Virat is telling about how this terrorist attack failed. Virat tells about Savi and his actions and tells all the civilians to make him a responsible citizen and Satya’s family commends Savi for his brave act. Satya visits him and congratulates him on his team’s bravery first and then asks if he and Savi did right by separating their children among themselves which left the 2 brothers living separately and asks if he thinks they both should not reunite.

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