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EFF Member of Parliament spotted working for ANC BigWig

Topic : EFF MPs seen working for ANC BigWig.

Yesterday, 18 June 2023, former president of the Republic of South Africa and African National Congress Thabo Mbeki celebrated his 81st birthday.

Economic Freedom Fighter MP Ringo Madlingosi was seen performing at the birthday of former President of the Republic of South Africa and African National Congressman Thabo Mbeki.

Secretary General of the African National Congress Fikile Mbalula and first deputy Secretary General of the same party Nomvula Mokonyane seem to be enjoying Ringo Madlingosi’s vote.

It is at an auspicious occasion like this that the people of South Africa truly appreciate President Thabo Mbeki’s devotion and unshakable principles in the people’s journey towards total liberation.

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“Music has no politics, Ringo an EFF MP sings on the birthday of former ANC president Thabo Mbeki”

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