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Imlie Written Update 25th May 2023: What Kairi Learns

Hello entertainment, we are back to share the latest writing updates on Imlie’s episode today May 25 2023. The episode starts with a scene when Kairi informs that the two of them will find Imlie together. Kairi says she has to meet Imlie but Chini thinks how to stop her from meeting Imlie Kairi insists on meeting Imlie. A nurse informs Imlie that Kairi is crying and takes her name into a room. Imlie tells the nurse that she is not her mother, she is just accompanying her.

Imlie written updates

Imlie Written Update May 25, 2023

The nurse says she is concerned for Kairi and she calls princess mamma again. Imlie comes into the room and sings a lullaby to lull Kairi to sleep, then Chini comes in and asks Imlie to leave. Imlie asks Chini not to make like Kiari then Chini replies she has changed and now she is a different person than Chini used to be. Imlie advises Chini not to let Kairi destroy Imlie’s world and builds a different world for her.

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Imlie Written Updates

Chini messages Arthav after when Imlie leaves from there that Kairis’ mother chose to stay at Rana’s house and that Kairi is fine. Kairi pretends to be sleeping when she hears and thinks of going to Delhi to meet her mother at Rana’s house where her daughter’s mother also lives there. Dhairya tells Imlie that she arranged private Jet accommodation for the family to go to Delhi but Imlie Refuses and says she will go to Delhi alone not with those who betrayed her after knowing the truth that Arthav is alive and did not tell her.

Kairi thinks if she follows Imlie so she can reach Rana’s house and meet her mother then Kairi hides seeing Chini and follows Imlie. Imlie reaches the bus terminal and Kairi also reaches the bus terminal. She hides in the mango basket then Imlie notices Kairis voice but ignores it to think about how Kairi came here. Imlie thinks she lost Aarthav but will find her daughter and on the other hand Kairi also thinks she will meet her mother in Rana house.

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Meanwhile, Chini is shocked when she sees Kairi not there and snaps at the doctor not to take good care of Kairi. Instead, the doctor blamed her if she was the mother so she had to take care of her child. Imlie is Kairi’s mother and Chini gets angry that she is Kairi’s mother not Imlie. At the end of the episode, Imlie is shocked when she sees Kairi hiding in the basket.

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