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Imlie Written Update 20th May 2023: Today’s Episode

Latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie will be on 20 may 2023. So let’s start. Episode starts with a scene when Arthav tries to take back from Imlie but Rudra stops him after keeping hold of Arthav. Aarthav is shocked after seeing Rudra after five years then Rudra tells Arthav Devika, Imlie and Rudra are waiting for him for five years till now. Arthav accuses his father Rudra of pretending and he has started living with his second family and giving Aarthav’s rights to Dhairaya.

Imlie written updates

Imlie Written Update May 20, 2023

Chini gets worried when she doesn’t find Aarthav at home and thinks Aarthav has also gone to Imlie and so she calls Arthav but Arthav disconnects the call after saying that he will call and talk to her later. Chini reminisces when she saved Aarthav from the accident and saved him to get Arthav’s love back. Chini recalls how Arthav woke up from coma after 8 months and how he manipulated Aarthav against Dhairya by showing Dhairya’s locket and lying to him that Dhiarya had the accident. She thinks Atharva and Kairi are happy with her and she will not let Imlie ruin their happiness.

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Kairi tells Imlie that she has never celebrated Mother’s Day either before and Kairi also tells her that she has never celebrated Mother’s Day either. Imlie and Kairi hug each other then the staff come and tell Imlie she has to leave as she is getting late. Kairi asks if she came to meet her mother here, and if she lives with princess aunt. Rudra asks Dhairya to propose to Imlie right now. Dhairya says Imlie still loves Atharva and will not accept him. Rudra shows Kairi with Atharva and reveals that Atharva has moved in with Chini and that Kairi is their daughter.

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Chini sees Arthav back home and is relieved. Arthav asks Kiari when he sees the locket stuck in Kairi’s clothes and asks who it is. Kairi says it’s her daughter’s aunt locket she talks to every day while crying. Arthav is astonished to see his photo in Imlie’s locket and thinks if Imlie also misses him as he misses her and decides to find out the truth. He thought of returning to camp and finding out the truth. Dhairya walks to Imlie and proposes her with a ring. Episode ends stay tuned for more updates on Social Telecast.

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