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Anupama Written Update 24th May 2023

Here we will share the latest written update of Anupama episode today 24 May 2023. The latest written update of Anupama episode starts with a scene when Maaya asks Anupama to apply Mehandi on her palms. Everyone is stunned when Maya asks Anupama to write Anuj’s name on her hand. Dolly asks little Aanu what she applied on Anuj’s hand then Anu replies she wrote with mehendi on Anuj’s hand AMA.

Anupama written updates

Anupama Written Updates

Dolly says Anupama does not draw mehendi on everyone’s hands and asks mehandi designer Jalpa to apply mehandi on Maaya’s hands. Maaya asks Jalpa to write Anuj’s hand on hers. Leela taunts that she can write Anuj name, spec number and even Kundali on her hand. He asks another designer to apply mehandi on Anupama’s hands.

Maya Mehandi gets messed up and Anuj also removes M from her hand. The Mehandi designer who is Shahas’s side applies Anuj’s name on Anupama and Leela asks her what she did then she replies last time she also applied the same name on Anupama’s hand.

Samar asks Shahas to get ready for Sangeet. Anupama is hurt and decides not to cry when Maya asks Anuj to write her name on her hand but Anupama still thinks that she will not blame Anuj until she knows the whole truth. Meanwhile, Kanta says to Bhavesh that he doubts Vanraj, Barkha and Maya and asks Bhavesh to keep an eye on them.

Samar and Dimpy Mehandi’s celebration starts as the night ceremony starts and all family members enjoy the celebration and give a show where Samar jokes that elder Hasmuk and Leela are cooler than them. Everyone praise their performance Maaya also says she can’t wait to dance with Anuj on stage then Barkha warns her not to underestimate Anupama and tells her not to get excited.

Kinjal and Paritosh dance on stage where Paritosh grabs Kinjal’s waist in the middle Kinjal stops and says enough now then Dolly asks Kinjal what happened then she replies she is just tired and walks away Anupama notices Kinjal worried when she tries to ask a problem. Kinjal denies it and leaves from there. Leela says to Anupama if they get a second child all the problems that happened between Toshu and Kinjal will be sorted out but Anupama says Pari is still a kid. At the end of the scene of the episode, Kanta sees Barkhan and Vanraj talking to each other.

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