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Anupama 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Feels Guilty

Hi everyone, we are here to provide the latest written update of today’s episode of Anupama 11 May 2023. Episode starts with Leela with Hasmukh coming out of ICU and telling Anupama that Vanraj wants to meet her. Hasmukh says if you don’t want to come that’s fine but Leela says she must be here. omg Anupama walks into the ICU where Vanraj is. Vanaraj starts apologizing to Anupama and also informs her that Kavya left him. He feels guilty. Anupama says she did not leave this house of her own free will but was forced by Vanraj to leave. Kavya tries her best but cannot manage and tells Vanraj to move on and forget the past.

Anupama Written Episode Update May 11, 2023

Leela and Hasmukh have a small fight. Leela says Hasmukh was right that Anupama is their home Laxmi, they have completely wronged Anupama and are now facing the consequences; his son is not bad because he is a good son, and father, brother. Hasmukh says Vanraj is not a good husband and is suffering from his actions. Hasmukh says when everything will be fine he will return to his old bad self. Samar, Toshu and Pakhi hug each other and cry as they feel guilty for hurting their parents a lot, and after seeing Vanraj all destroyed then Kinjal comes and says she saw three children crying for their father and was worried for him.

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Anupama Written Update May 11, 2023

Samar thanks Kinjal for handling all the family members and the situation after Anupama left the house. All are also worried about Anupama and are trying to reach her at any cost to Anuj. Kinjal says he will call Devika and find out what really happened there. Kanta tells Bhavesh that Devika does not know where Anuj is either. She prays that Anuj will be fine whenever he is. He hears Anupama coming and tells Bhavesh not to talk about Anuj in front of Anupama. Anupama tells Vanraj’s condition to Kanta and Bhavesh.

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Vanraj returns to his house after going out and Leela does the aarti. Family asks him to rest but Vanraj says he has to work to cover family expenses. Anupama thinks he is right that responsibility does not let someone rest. Leela asks Samar and Toshu to hide their father’s laptop and asks Vanraj to come inside. Anupama walks hesitantly to Shhah’s house, all the members leave them alone one by one and then Vanraj says he will only trust Anupama when she is just about to leave and asks to stay here for a few minutes. Anupama also tells him that she needs a promise from him.

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