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Yasmin Wildblood’s Father Has Died

There is shocking news regarding the death of Michael Brian Wildblood who is the father of Yasmin Wildblood. The news of this tragic death caught so much attention on the internet and attracted the interest of many people or netizens. He is the father of Yasmin who is an Indonesian actor and model of Scottish and Batak descent.

His sudden death was heartbreaking news to family, friends and loved ones who expressed their sorrow at his loss. Let us know some more information regarding his death and the Indonesian actor in this article, so read on and be in full.

Michael Brian Wildblood Cause of Death Yasmin Wildblood's Father Has Died

As per exclusive news and information, the news of his death was shared and announced by his daughter through her Instagram story on Monday morning Monday 24 April 2023 where she shared that her father passed away on Saturday 22 April 2023.

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Cause of Death of Michael Brian Wildblood?

The cause of death was not publicly announced and not much information was shared regarding the cause of death. His body will be buried on Wednesday 26 April 2023 and is now buried at the Kerta Semadi Mumbul Funeral Home in Bali.

He is the father of Yasmine Wildblood who is most popular worldwide as an Indonesian actor and model. No information is available about his personal life. His wife Anita Siregar and daughter also expressed their sorrow over his death.

Who is Yasmine Leeds Wildblood?

Yasmin Wildblood's Father Has Died

Let’s discuss her daughter, her full name is Yasmine Leeds Wildblood and she was born on the 11th day of March 1993 in London, England and she is currently 30 years old. If we talk about her personal life, she married Raden Mas Sahid Abishalom Benninu Nugroho Noyosatwiko Soerjosoemarno in 2013. She has a huge fan following on her social media platforms.

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Social media was flooded with tributes and many of his daughter’s fans shared their condolences with the family. There were many people who supported his family during this painful period of time. He shared in a statement that his family including his wife, children and grandchildren will miss him dearly with a sincere heart. Her daughter shared in a statement that ‘I cannot express my sadness at her death in my words and we will always miss her very much’. Stay connected to for more articles on the latest news topics.

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