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” White people did not steal land in this country, it was lost ” Popular Podcaster Angers Mzansi

South Africa’s level of inequality is one of the highest in the world, with the majority of the country’s wealth held by a select few. Many argue that this inequality can be traced back to the land-sharing policies of the colonial and apartheid eras. During this time, most of the land in South Africa was forcibly taken from native blacks and redistributed to white settlers. This created a system of land ownership that disproportionately benefited whites and left blacks with nothing.

The current talk around land in South Africa is an attempt to address this historic injustice and remedy existing inequalities. However, matters were complicated by the fact that many white South Africans still considered themselves the rightful owners of the land, despite the fact that the land had been taken from its original inhabitants.

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Panuel’s comments highlight the differences between white and black South Africans. His suggestion that the land was not stolen but simply disappeared is an attempt to deny the reality of South Africa’s history and the continuing effects of that history to this day. His argument that land can be bought or won in battle ignores the fact that many black people in South Africa were forcibly removed from their land and could not regain it through legal means.

In order to remedy the inequalities that exist in South Africa, solutions must be found by taking into account the historical injustices that have contributed to the current situation. This might involve redistribution of land to black South Africans or the introduction of policies that favor black land ownership. Whatever the solution, it must be based on an acknowledgment of the past and a commitment to create a more just future for all South Africans.

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